Our Plan

We have an ambitious plan to create a campus of care for seniors that will be implemented in two phases.

PHASE ONE will build a new long-term care home with 128 beds, an increase from 65 beds.

PHASE TWO will retrofit our existing facility to create Maison Richelieu with 50 new wellness suites for supportive housing for seniors.

Phase One: Construction of New Foyer Richelieu
Long-Term Care Home

The first phase will construct, furnish and equip a new long-term care home that meets or exceeds the provincial government’s new design standards. We already own the land and have completed architectural design and zoning plans for construction to increase bed capacity.

The new 120,000 sq. ft. building will house 128 residents in a home-like atmosphere with four areas of 32 beds each. Each of the resident care areas will feature a dining room, space for socializing and enough space to store all the supplies required for resident care, cleaning and maintenance.

New design standards must be met by 2025. Our design will meet or exceed the standards of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Design Manual to:

– Facilitate the provision of quality resident care in an environment that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and as home-like as possible; and

– Support well-co-ordinated, interdisciplinary care for residents who have diverse care requirements.

When the construction of the new long-term care home is complete, we will move 128 residents into their new home.

Phase Two: Retrofit for Maison Richelieu
Supportive Housing

Once the long-term care residents move into their new home, we will transform our existing facility into 50 wellness suites for supportive housing.

Supportive housing provides both the advantages of living independently and the availability of supportive services and amenities typically provided in full-service retirement and care facilities, at a fraction of the cost.

Maison Foyer will provide a higher degree of independence for the residents, while helping to manage basic daily living activities such as bathing, taking medications, dressing, housekeeping or doing laundry. Appetizing, balanced meals will be provided as well as various recreational and social activities.

We want our residents to be as independent as possible, for as long as possible. The degree of help provided will be in keeping with individual’s abilities.