Rock-A-Thon Tournament

The Foundation Fonds Foyer Richelieu is organizing a Rock-A-Thon. A Rock-A- Thon is a marathon in which teams rock in rocking chairs, socialize, fraternize and have fun together. The main purpose of this Rock-A-Thon is to fundraise in order to be able to buy equipment to add to the quality to the life of our residents and have a great time doing this all together.

The residents, along with their families, friends and many donors really enjoy participating in the Rock-A-Thon. They have fun rocking on their rocking chairs, listening to rock, country and western music by “Brad Boland”, ‘M. Mattie’, etc. and by participating in a variety of activities during this Rock-A-Thon.

Some people will choose to simply make a donation, others will choose to make a donation and also participate in the Rock-A-Thon. Whatever your choice may be; be assured that we sincerely appreciate all your help and encouragement.

If you would like to obtain sponsor sheets or need additional information please do not hesitate to contact Daniel Keays by phone (905) 734-1400, ext. 48 or email daniel.keays@foyerrichelieu.com.

If you would like a real taste of the French ‘Joie de Vivre’, this is an event not to miss!

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