Update in Medicine

For more than 20 years, Dr. Pran Kundi has raised funds to support the elderly. Update in Medicine is a third party fundraiser organized by Dr. Kundi. The event has contributed more than $250,000 to the Fonds Foyer Richelieu Welland in order to purchase medical equipment to improve the quality of life of the residents living in the Foyer Richelieu Welland.

Update in Medicine is an event doctors and nurses can attend in order to continue their medical education. The speakers share their experiences, new procedures and medical research.

It is no wonder that Dr. Kundi was honoured as Niagara’s family doctor of the year. After more than 40 years as a dedicated family physician in the community the Ontario Medical Association notified Dr. Pran Kundi as the recipient of the Glen Sawyer Service Award in recognition of his service to his community as well as the medical profession, after being nominated by members of the Niagara South Medical Society. The Ontario College of Family Physicians named Dr. Pran Kundi as the Family Physician of the Year for the Niagara Region. The college only awards seven of these awards across all of Ontario.

For more information on how to participate in the event or to organize a third party fundraiser in support of the Fonds Foyer Richelieu Welland, please contact Daniel Keays, Director of Development by phone (905) 734-1400, ext. 48 or email daniel.keays@foyerrichelieu.com.

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