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A guided tour is possible provided that an appointment is scheduled with the administration. We are proud to welcome you. This first meeting will allow you to get to know our business and get answers to your questions in view of future accommodation.

The available rooms are:

  • 37 private rooms,
  • 2 semi-private rooms,
  • 26 basic rooms.


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The history of Foyer Richelieu

The Foyer Richelieu Welland is a product of the efforts of the members of the Club Richelieu Welland. After many discussions, deliberations and negotiations, that lasted more than five years, the construction project was finally realized.

Foyer Richelieu Welland was incorporated on January 1, 1988 and the first admission took place on May 15, 1989. In June 1996, the Province of Ontario said that the Foyer Richelieu Welland was an official provider of services in French. In 2013, Bishop Gerard Bergie from the Diocese of St. Catharines designated Foyer Richelieu Welland as an official catholic service provider.

Since 1993, following the Ministry of Health of Ontario reform, our original mission has evolved into that of a capacity of 65 long-term care nursing home, which includes 3 interim beds.

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Over 95% general satisfaction rate among residents and their families. 93% of residents and families are happy with the variety of services Foyer Richelieu offer.
Read more about the survey Read the ministry inspection report

Foundational Concepts

The foundational concepts or philosophical basis on which Foyer Richelieu Welland rests include the mission, the vision, the core values and the institutional culture of the organisation.

  • Mission: “A Catholic institution providing high-quality services to all members of the French language community requiring long-term care.”
  • Vision: “To live and belong with wellness and joy.”

Bilingual Care

Foyer Richelieu Welland is the only bilingual Long Term Care home in Southern Ontario. We are dedicated to ensuring that our residents are able to communicate with other residents, caregivers and medical staff, as well as volunteers and visitors.

People who live with dementia often revert back to their mother tongue. Being in a fully bilingual Francophone and English environment avoids miscommunication that can cause diagnostic errors in treatment, medication errors and increase preventable health risks.

Core Values

Foyer Richelieu Welland is committed to four core values, defined as follows:

  • Mutual Aid: Cooperation by everyone at all levels ensures the development of an institution focused on teamwork and partnership to enhance mutual trust and confidence.
  • Respect: Empathy, compassion, and respect for our Catholic values, as well as those of other faiths, promote individual well-being.
  • Pride: Personal and group commitment to living in a French environment fosters a sentiment of belonging that increases the quality of life.
  • Loyalty: Treating each other with honesty and accountability is the cornerstone of quality services.

Institutional Culture

“Foyer Richelieu Welland is committed to the inherent human dignity of each of its residents and to the respect of all his or her rights. Foyer Richelieu Welland works in cooperation with the community to deliver quality care in a peaceful francophone environment espousing the Catholic faith and shared values while respecting the values of all members of the community.”