Living at Foyer Richelieu

Bilingual Care

Foyer Richelieu Welland is the only bilingual Long Term Care home in Southern Ontario. We are dedicated to ensuring that our residents are able to communicate with other residents, caregivers and medical staff, as well as volunteers and visitors. People who live with dementia often revert back to their mother tongue. Being in a fully bilingual Francophone and English environment avoids miscommunication that can cause diagnostic errors in treatment, medication errors and increase preventable health risks. 

Follow this link to view personal stories about how important it is for a resident to be able to communicate in their mother tongue.

 Ronald Bisson’s Testimony


Each room is fully furnished. However, the newcomer can bring a safe and comfortable seat adapted to their condition or we can get one for them. They must bring their own TV and radio for which we strongly recommend using headphones for this type of device. If the resident wants an air-conditioner, they should check in advance with the Head of maintenance, to ensure the installation is possible. The resident must pay the costs of installation and operation. Refrigerators are not allowed. See Administrative Policy “Use of electrical appliances in the rooms of the residents.” Extension cords are prohibited in order to prevent fires. See Administrative Policy “Use of electric cords.”


The rooms of the residents are cleaned daily, dusting and vacuuming are done once a week. Bathrooms, washrooms and common areas are cleaned daily. Spring cleaning is done once a year according to a timetable.


No more than five (5) frames or other decorations can be hung on the walls of the room. We request that you contact the maintenance department to install nails or hooks. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO PUT SOMETHING (FRAME OR OTHERWISE) ON TOP OF THE ABOVE BED LIGHT.


An individual thermostat controls the heat in each room and in public areas. The use of a portable electric heater is prohibited.

Mail and Newspapers

Stamps are available at “The Administration office”. Residents who wish to subscribe to the Tribune or any newspaper must make their own arrangements and are responsible for the costs as well.


Telephone services are optional. The cost of installation and operation are that of the resident. Please notify the administration office of the resident’s phone number in order to keep the resident’s file to date. In special circumstances, a resident will be allowed to use the telephone at the nursing station.


Televisions are available for the residents in “Le Salon” in the south wing and in “Le Relais” in the north wing. A resident is allowed to have a television in his room providing he is responsible for installation and operational costs. For residents who suffer of hearing problems, we strongly recommend the use of headphones.


Smoking is not allowed inside the Foyer Richelieu Welland. “Jacquie’s Shack”, situated outside the main hall is reserved for smokers, if a resident is able to get there on their own.


GRATUITIES AND GIFTS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. For the protection of the personnel and our clients, we recommend donations to the foundation