Being a volunteer means giving from the heart, by giving one’s time and energy in order to help others. This is a precious, priceless way of providing humanitarian service to others, simply by sharing one’s time and talents with people who are in need. Here at Foyer Richelieu Welland, our volunteers help and assist our residents with their daily routine in many ways. Whether it’s helping with recreational or pastoral activities or assisting specific committees, or assisting our different departments, every chosen way of helping is greatly appreciated. Without our volunteers’ precious help, we wouldn’t have been able to offer so many great things to our residents. The extra element of kindness and love brought to the Foyer by our volunteers has really added to the quality of life of our residents.

All volunteers are under the direction of the Director of Development & Donor Relations. Volunteers make a significant contribution to Foyer Richelieu Welland and help enhance the quality of life of the residents. Volunteers may be identified by their name tags. Family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at Foyer Richelieu Welland. A wide variety of interesting opportunities exist for persons of all ages. Time commitment can be as little as one hour per week.

For more information please contact Daniel Keays at 905-734-1400 x 248

We sincerely appreciate all the help and collaboration of all our volunteers.


Family Council
A Family Council has been established at Foyer. Family and friends may become members of the Family Council. If you would like additional information about the Family Council, please contact Alex Hall at 905-734-1400 x 228

Resident’s Council
Foyer Richelieu Welland supports the activity of a Residents’ Council. Residents may get involved in a variety of ways by volunteering for office or simply by attending the monthly meetings. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to Foyer Richelieu Welland Administrator. Minutes of Council meetings are posted in the foyer. The Council reviews suggestions at the monthly meeting and initiates a tracking form for each. A recommendation for follow-up will be made to the Administrator and a response received by the next meeting. If you would like additional information about the Resident’s Council, please contact Alex Hall at 905-734-1400 x 228

Resident Food Council
This meeting follows the Residents’ Council Meeting and is held every 6 months or sooner on request from the Residents’ Council. The Food Service Supervisor will attend and provide information about the next seasonal menu and address any food-related concerns from the Residents’ Council meeting. If you would like additional information about the Resident Food Council, please contact Nancy Rouillier at 905-734-1400 x 224