Rock-A-Thon 2023

The Rock-A-Thon will be held virtually this year! The main purpose of this Rock-A-Thon is to fundraise for Fonds Foyer Richelieu Welland in order to buy equipment to add to the quality to the life of our residents and have a great time doing this all together. A Rock-A-Thon is a marathon in which teams rock in rocking chairs, socialize and have fun together.

The residents, along with their families, friends and many donors really enjoy participating in the Rock-A-Thon. This year you can look forward to rocking on your rocking chairs, listening to the Niagara Fiddler and participating in a variety of activities.

Some people will choose to simply make a donation, others will choose to make a donation and participate in the Rock-A-Thon. Whatever you decide to do; be assured that we sincerely appreciate all your help and encouragement.

Daniel Keays – T. 905.734.1400 poste 248 |

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