Staying with us
Nutritional & Dietary Services


At admission, the person in charge of the dietary service will evaluate the resident’s nutritional profile and ensure that the diet is appropriate to their needs. Throughout the resident’s stay at the Foyer Richelieu Welland, the assistance of the guarantor and resident is highly appreciated in order to complete one’s profile, in order to determine one’s preferences and dislikes. A dietician will evaluate each resident’s file on a regular basis in order to maintain a proper diet.

Meal Times

Breakfast 08:30 – 09:15

Lunch 12:00 – 12:45

Supper 17:00 – 17:45


The daily menus are posted at the entrance of the dining rooms, “La Bouffe” in the south wing, and “La Bouchée” in the north wing.

Meals may be brought to a resident’s room only when a resident is ill and unable to attend the dining room. The situation will be evaluated on a daily basis. This philosophy adopted by the Foyer encourages the residents to socialize and avoid isolation.

At each meal, a variety of dishes are offered, suitable for each resident’s nutritional needs and meeting the requirements of the Canadian nutritional guide.

For breakfast, a variety of hot and cold cereals, fruits, juices and breads are available daily. Eggs, bacon, pancakes and French toasts are also served on different days. Lunch and supper consist of soup, salad, a choice of two different main entrées, two vegetables and two desserts. Snacks, such as cookies and beverages are offered in the afternoons and evenings.

The food texture may be modified in order to facilitate the feeding of a resident depending on the particular problem (deciduous dentition, etc.). Residents will receive nutritional supplements if necessary. The dining rooms have pre-assigned seating arrangements. Residents are assigned with other residents that are compatible.

Guests at meal times

When four guests or more wish to dine with their loved one, they must notify the dietary staff otherwise no special notice is necessary. The priority remains that of the residents. A price list for guests is displayed in the dining room.

For special occasions, family members are always welcomed to use the “Carrefour” (main Hall) providing they bring their own food. Such arrangements must be requested in advance.

Food in the room

Refrigerators are not permitted in the rooms. It is prohibited to keep perishable food (including bird seeds) in your rooms. Fruits must be visible to the personnel, and consumed as soon as possible, dry food must be placed in sealed plastic bags and kept for only a few days.

Meal time attire

Residents are encouraged to get dressed before going in the dining room. Housecoat is permitted at breakfast time only on the morning of the bath or shower.